Friday, 7 February 2014

Box of Rain

I ran with Alice, this afternoon. Stop sneering, those who know us well. Alice has a dodgy knee (my speciality atm) and we ran with her dog; first time running with a dog, they stop a lot, not a bad thing. So, yes, I could more or less keep up. We ran the tour of the new lakes on Wandsworth Common. Shame, those places were always so lovely as picnic grounds. Not deep enough for boats...yet. 

Last night a friend tossed out a new FB game.....10 CDs that have stayed with you over the years.  I have so few it wasn’t difficult. And then I realized I left out Grateful Dead, American Beauty. An album that includes Box of Rain. For the record, I have long loved the song; it is somewhat recently that I have come to crave all songs about rain. I reread the lyrics tonight.....and realized yet again I am wrong. I don’t love this song because it is about rain. Yawn. I love this song because it has the line: 
Such a long long time to be gone and a short time to be there

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  1. Makes me think of the song "The Water", by Johnny Flynn and Laura Marling:

    "The water sustains me without even trying
    The water can't drown me, I'm done
    With my dying"

    Then there's the fact that Johnny Flynn was an enchanting Viola in Mark Rylance's "Twelfth Night" last year and Laura Marling was captivating in Secret Cinema's "Secret Music" concert (in that former Huguenot Orphanage building in Hackney you love), that makes me think you'll appreciate googling the song on youtube ...