Wednesday, 18 June 2014

on walking in wales...

Rather behind in my writing, so here we go. Challenge #10. Can't believe I have done so many. Admittedly, they don't all feel like challenges, or rather, the challenge is often not the actual event, but the logistics of pulling it off. Organizing husband and children so that mummy can be away running or hiking, often for days, not just mornings. No complaints yet, or maybe social servies and the divorce lawyer are just waiting in the wings until the library is finished....well let's go with ignorance-is-bliss on that one.

There has been a great deal of fun and laughter and playfulness to these challenges (a fact that will no doubt be raised in above mentioned court procedings). Yes, I would most likely not have done many of them without the ultimate goal of raising money and awareness for my library in Mexico. And yet, I am so pleased I have done them all. Running with my son Stephen has been such a treat. I sense a running partner for years to come (although he is quickly getting faster than me). Circus experience day led to me enrolling in a circus class, something I would never have dreamed I would do. And I am loving it, if finding it quite the physical challenge. And then there is the excuse to spend time with friends, in new places. And that brings me to challenge #10.

Hiking in Wales. I know, it makes me laugh too. If only my newly-arrived self to London could see the excitement with which I prepared for this weekend. But why shouldn't I be excited. Going away with Alice, Lucinda and Lucinda's husband, Stephen, to Shrewsbury (oooh, new town to visit) where lovely Ashely,  from Kili days, and his wonderful wife Susan live. Boozy dinner (is there any other kind with the Kili crowd) on the Friday night at their gorgeous home. Then serious hike in Cadair Idris, led by drill sergeant Ashley, on Saturday.  He told us it would take 5 hours, and it took 5 hours. Exactly. No messing about with Mr. Fraser as guide! No slowing down or stopping either. And it was so so beautiful. Much more than I ever imagined.

We expected rain. It is Wales, after all. Remembering our experience in Scafell Pike, I bought brand new, top of the range waterproofs (waterproofs!!!!, how tragic), and braced ourselves for another slog through the elements. How wrong we were. It was sunny and warm and glorious. And the views.....I was afraid my camera wouldn't be able to catch the way the water on the lake glistened like all those proverbial diamonds....but it did. Look at that!

what incredible landscape

yes,we scaled those peaks

And I learned that dinosaurs did indeed roam these parts, but no prehistoric human artifacts have been found. Don't know why I find either so interesting, but I do. I do, I do.  And of course there was  laughter. A lot of laughter. Lots and lots and lots.  Thanks dear friends for another fantastic weekend, and some great exercise too.
view from the summit
Never too late to donate to the library:

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