Thursday, 3 July 2014

Cumbria Challenge, #12

Once again, life has been so busy that I now find myself in catch-up mode. But that has been part of the challenge of these challenges, keeping all those plates in the air, that house of cards standing, the ducks in a row.....can't think of any more cliches....and more often than not the plates crash, the cards fall and the ducks scatter.

Same goes with a challenge in which 8 people of varied athleticsm try to complete the same event, at the same time. Short answer, it doesn't happen. The longer answer, a fun, rewarding weekend takes place in the beautiful, stunning, Cumbrian hills.
Clouds as dramatic as the landscape
map reading

I took a wrong step!!!


Always Laughing
Some of the original Kili climing group, plus 2 newcomers tackled the WWTW Cumbrian Challenge, on June 14.  20km in the hills. Armed with only a map and a few packed lunches. Fortunately the weather was beautiful, the views stunning and the bar at the end was free. Special mention to Richard Petty; so lovely to see you without the crippling altitude sickness!!!

We finished in a respectable position, not too sore and Alice and I took to the dance floor with enthusiasm. Happily, there are no photos of that!
We Love a Medal!!

Challenge #12 complete.  Feel free to donate:
The Kili Group!!!

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