Tuesday, 23 September 2014

on...well, just typing about running....

Yesterday morning, Alice and I went for a run. I would like to say that we raced long, wind in our hair, solving all world problems, our feet but winged muscle, flitting weightlessly over the earth....

Alas, we spent most of it plodding along, moaning how unfit we had let ourselves become, while dodging dogs, baby carriages, scooters and overwrought mothers on the school run. The glory we seek in the Bath Half-Marathon (March 2015) seems a very long way off. Even further in the distance twinkles the New York City Marathon (November 2015). Are we ever going to be ready for these???

Well yes, I certainly hope so. Or not. I've given myself enough chances to improve between now and March. And collect a few medals in the meantime. Have registered for 5 races (so far). Everything from the Battersea Park 6K Fun Run (December) to the Royal Parks Half-Marathon, in two weeks, which will be an ugly sight. Not only  do I not like this race (always vow not to do it again, but then they offer me a place.....) I am not in any condition to finish it in a respectable time. But sometimes failure is a good thing (so I keep telling myself). And the strategy is that by training for these smaller races (and I am sure I will add more) I will be ready for the ones I really want. Well that is the plan anyway.

So what is the point of this blog piece today? No idea really. Just wanted to type out that I ran with Alice. And see New York Marathon 2015 in print. Small pleasures.

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