Friday, 7 March 2014

On Running Away to Join the Circus...

Cynthia - Trapeze artist

This week I am telling you in advance about my challenge, just in case I don’t return.

Tomorrow, boys and girls, I am running away to join the circus. Seriously.

I am going to travel up to trendy Hoxton and spend the day learning to juggle (no hand-eye coordination), tumble (will be well dizzy), trapeze and high wire. I am utterly terrified of heights. Ridiculously, overwhelmingly frightened of heights. I can’t go skiing anymore because I am such a nightmare on the chairlift. And I have no upper body strength. This might be the most challenging of challenges. “But live or get out of the way,” so someone must have quipped.

I can’t wait. And if I do come home, will post lots of photos!!! Wish me luck.

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